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            BroncoFest IX is in the books.  It was not our biggest gathering, but in many ways it was our most successful and none of it would have been possible without all of you.  Chip and his crew worked for weeks cleaning up the maintenance pad and getting Blue 3 back together while others worked on Bronco #426.  Many of you jumped in to help with transportation, picnic planning and running the museum for our guests.  Each of you made a difference and some went above and beyond.  I'm not sure but I think James Eaton and John Ezrow slept at the museum for a couple days.

            Angela and her crew put on a great picnic for 100+ visitors and guests and lots of folks pitched in to get the Glowworm ready for Saturday night.  We feed 110 people under the canopy by the way.

            And, to top it off sixteen new members were signed up, some of them local.  We also placed some new names on chairs in the ready room and added names to the memorial prop too.

            We were honored to have Maurice King with us for the weekend as well.  Maury was the designer of the OV-10 and until Saturday had no idea the mockup still existed.  He told many of us all kinds of stories of the challenges he faced designing and building the production airplanes our members flew and fixed.  Really special day.

            We handed out our traditional awards Saturday night as well.

            Howie "Nail 01" Pierson and Maurice King were inducted into the Bronco Hall of Fame.

            Wes Cloud was given the Chairman's Award for his work on the "Glow Worm" and John Stokes was given the President's Award for his work on the HAP Project and cataloging our library.  Board of Director's Awards were given to Bill Morris, Ben Guttery, Andrew Wiedner and Angela and Paul Bennett and son Jake Buck.

            "Golden Wrenches" were awarded to Jim Wittenberg, John Branson, Tom Skutca, Steve Sullivan, Cyla Huber, Rich Garrett, Jack Thompson, Hank Wright and Jake Jacobson.  It was the second such award for Jack and Hank.

            The big award, the Bronco Buster Award was given to Mike Amtower for his work on the Glowworm and Cyla Huber for her work at recruiting Desert Storm Bronco people and her work on 426.  The voting by the membership resulted in a tie with both of them.

            Thank you for all each of you did.  Your efforts did not go unnoticed.  The appearance of the museum and the program itself received many compliments.

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PS            Here are a few pictures.

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